Thursday, 22 March 2012

Gazelle & Butterfly

Resuming back to my Wild Animals project, I completed the Gazelle & Butterfly illustration with great delight! When I started sketching for this illustration I wanted to capture the lightness of the gazelle and the grace with which it hops around effortlessly. In its jump, the gazelle momentarily becomes an avian creature and meets another creature up there in the air, a butterfly. The gazelle is dazzled by the pretty colours of this African butterfly, turning its neck to appreciate it. The butterfly in its turn is looking at this big animal rather curiously. Both elegant and beautiful, both in the air, yet so different to one another. Of course I had to put the gazelle in its natural habitat, so I created an open sky savanna with golden grass and umbrella thorn Acacias.

I had to wait a couple of months to put the final touches to this piece as my computer crashed just before I had the chance to finish it. Now I can finally share it with you and exhale!