Saturday, 17 March 2012

Parents - pen & ink

Parents is a pen and ink drawing and is part of an ever growing series of such sketches. In these sketches I try to draw a lot of my ideas without worrying too much about detail and without spending hours working on them.

Going back to a traditional, non-digital medium to create images I rediscovered a certain charm and beauty in the process of drawing directly on paper. The work feels more intimate, it feels unique the way the ink sets on the paper and the way you can't "undo" what you've done. This gives you a bit of an adrenaline rush as you don't want to mess it up. All these factors give the image its personality and character.

When working with pen and ink I found I was producing images a lot faster and was putting a lot more of my thoughts on paper. Some of the sketches are images or scenes from dreams I had, which sounds a bit crazy, but it's fascinating to see "unique" artwork in your sleep and then recreate it in real life.

Prior to these pen and ink sketches I worked with oils and made a few paintings which I will be posting next.